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 Bucket List Itinerary

The trip planning process was incredibly smooth and the final itinerary exceeded my expectations!  There is no way I could have planned such an awesome trip that checked all of my “must-do” boxes and then some. Even came in under budget!

Trip to Thailand


Nomad Coaching Call

“Chatting with Alexa was really insightful. In times like this, collaborations, partnerships and mentoring are more important than ever. And to get the opportunity to talk to too good an opportunity to turn down. Alexa is kind, intelligent and thought and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a call with her.”


Glow-Up Coaching Call

“I’m so thankful for my call with Alexa. She really helped me go from feeling scatter-brained to giving me direction on where I want to go with my side hustle. I highly recommend her calls if you are feeling like you lack focus or direction.”


Reader Review

I have bought many travel books in my time. But The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide is hands-down the most practical, useful travel book I have ever read. I leave for Bali in a few weeks and I feel this book has totally prepared me for my trip. She also breaks it down into different budgets. Which makes it easy to find accommodations. I'm telling you you cannot go wrong with these books. Thank you Miss Alexa. It's obvious you put your whole heart into your writing.


Reader Review

I had originally purchased the Lonely Planet travel guide which only overwhelmed me and I was unable to decide what parts of Thailand to go to. This guide narrowed things down for me and allowed me to plan a great trip instead of trying to squeeze too many destinations in. I love the entertaining writing style and quick, to the point suggestions. Will be purchasing your other guides for my future travels!


Nomad Coaching Call

Alexa made it feel like we have already been friends for so long. When I told her what I was going through (a recent layoff) she said yes, that f*cking sucks but what is holding you back from doing what you want? And that’s exactly what I needed to hear but hadn’t heard from anyone yet! If you need someone to talk with Alexa first.”


I traveled solo hopping around Thailand for a month and I felt completely prepared and safe the entire time 100% thanks to this guide. I honestly would have felt lost without it. Not only did it help me feel safe and plan an unforgettable trip, it led me to beautiful places I will never forget and to people from all over the world who became lifelong friends. Google couldn’t do that for me.


I went to Bali alone, last minute, with only this book as my guide. Recently divorced and 62, I just read and followed her suggestions blindly and they lead me through paradise. I caught her passion and honesty, made friends, and found her advice on point and priceless. I read the book. Put it on my kindle, and tore out the itinerary pages and brought them with me. I can’t wait to return. This is the most useful, concise guidebook I have ever used and it gave me the courage to be bold and venture out.


Reader Review

Traveling Solo as a female can be scary at times and Alexa certainly understands that. On my trip, I fell ill and didn’t know what to do. She answered my message right away and saved me probably hundreds of dollars in medical bills, by just telling me to go to the pharmacy. Without this book, I would’ve been lost, scared and probably ended my trip sooner. I recommend all of her books to everyone!