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Free Shipping On Orders over $49
Alexa’s VIP Sevice for Bali & Thailand

Alexa’s VIP Sevice for Bali & Thailand

Regular price $595.00

Your dream vacation & itinerary created by Alexa.

Hotels, tours, restaurants, and even your drivers will be organized by Alexa. You just pack your bag and get ready for vacation, baby. 

► Every detail, adventure, and anxiety covered!

★ Your driver will pick you up from the airport
★ Your tour guide will meet you in the morning
★ You just enjoy yourself. This will be the least stressful vacation of your life. 

► Plus, exclusive 24/7 access to Alexa during your adventure.

★ Requests. Hiccups. Getting lost at night. Alexa is right there with you.



Note: Alexa only accepts about 1/3 of the people who apply to this trip.
☆ Best for Honeymoons, Couples, Mother-Daughter Duos…or Girls that Just Need a Break.


What to Expect…

Step 1: Sign Up 

Step 2: Receive The Ultimate Bucket List Questionnaire

Step 3: Fill it out …don’t hold back…

Step 4: Have a 30-minute call with Alexa

Step 4: Get a 100% Personalized + Customized Itinerary that will literally change your life

✓ Optimal Flights

✓ Best Hotels in the best locations

✓ Adventures you’ll never forget

✓ Plus, all the tricky details – like airport transfers and boat journeys

Step 5: Exchange numbers with Alexa - she's here to help you plan, prep, pack and go!

In your budget. On your time. No stress or scams. Just an unforgettable travel adventure. 

Pro Tip: Suitable for both solo girls and groups, split the price and save the stress of group planning.

Psst. Alexa only accepts 3 VIP Trips per month - to make sure she focuses her attention on you! Book quickly.