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Bucket List Itinerary

Bucket List Itinerary

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Your dream vacation & itinerary created by Alexa



⬗ Learn how to surf in Bali?

⬗ Join a 10-day silent retreat in Thailand?

⬗ Explore the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia?


Let's make it happen!!!

Here's what you're going to do:

Step 1: Sign Up 

Step 2: Receive The Ultimate Bucket List Questionnaire

Step 3: Fill it out …don’t hold back

Step 4: Have a Call with Alexa

Step 5: Recieve your a 100% Personalized + Customized Itinerary that will literally change your life

✓ Optimal Flights

✓ Best Hotels in the best locations

✓ Adventures you’ll never forget

✓ Plus, all the tricky details – like airport transfers and boat journeys


In your budget. On your time. No stress or scams. Just an unforgettable travel adventure. 

Pro Tip: Suitable for both solo girls and groups, split the price and save the stress of group planning.

Psst. Alexa only accepts 5 Bucket List Itinerary creations per month. Book quickly.